I have so much to talk about a vintage replica watch IWC.

Can you guess what watch I am going to introduce today? Times up! It is a cheap replica watches IWC Ingenieur in vintage style. This is my third post to talk about IWC in my blog. If you are a new reader, you can search the other 2 articles to read in the blog. This watch is the best among Ingenieur models. Although it is a vintage watch, you still can find modern elements on this watch. If you are upset with what watch to fit your business suits, I think this watch is exactly suitable.

If you go around in the replica watches market, you will find same model with different quality existed. And this replica watch IWC Ingenieur which I mentioned is the best and ultimate version. It is equipped with clone Calibre.80111 movement, which is almost same as the original one. Look at the movement carefully, you will find that the details on the movement including the engravings, black screws, balance wheel and shock absorber,are replicated on the basic of the original movement. In the meantime, bronze is adopted as main material to make auto rotor, and the rotor has sunray patterns being polished. Actually, the manufacturer spent a lot of time on replicating this complicated movement for make a perfect replica watch.

The watch case is brushed while the bezel is polished, so it looks in modern style. The diameter is 42x14mm. The watch caseback is solid, so if you want to see the movement, you need to a professional screwdriver to open it. The details and information were well engraved on the watch caseback. The black leather strap is made of cow leather, and there is blue stitching on the leather strap. The clasp has delicate polishing and brushing craft, with correct engravings on front and back.

Finally, What I want to introduce is the blue dial, which can exactly show that this replica watch IWC Ingenieur is with vintage features. The silver hour markers is really different from the ones of other Ingenieur models. There are 12 small dots next to each hour marker, and the dots are with SuperLume C1 material, therefore, it will emit a strong green light in the dark. The second hand has a red tip, which looks beautiful and increases the readability of the dial, which is blue with sunray patterns.

replica watch IWC
replica watch IWC Ingenieur

Here is second post of swiss replica watch IWC Pilot.

In my previous article, I have introduced a IWC Portofino watch, which gained many good feedback from my readers, therefore, I decide to write an article of another IWC. It is a swiss replica watch IWC Pilot. It is an improved edition – the power reserve is real, and the power reserve of old edition is fake. It is very fresh to me because of the blue dial with brown leather bracelet.

swiss replica watch

The watch case is made of solid 316 stainless steel, which is well brushed, and the diameter is 46mm, if you have a big wrist, this replica watch IWC Pilot is suitable to you. The bezel is well polished. As the crown is big and has lines, it is easy to pull it out to adjust time and date. besides, the big crown is a big feature of IWC Pilot. The watch caseback is solid and tight, and Le Petit Prince pattern is well engraved, besides, the other information of water resistance depth and limited quantity is also well engraved on the watch caseback. As the whole watch is fixed tightly, it gains a good waterproof performance.

replica watch IWC

What attracts me most is the blue sunburst dial, which makes the watch shine at the first glance. There are many iconic features of this replica watch IWC Pilot, such as the triangle at 12 o’clock position. The hour markers and the needles are filled with luminous material, which allows the watch emit a strong blue light in the dark. Check the details on the photos attached, you will see that it is almost the same as the original model. The power reserve is located at 3 o’clock position. How to turn on the power reserve? Don’t pull the crown out, just rotate the crown upwards till the the power reserve is full.

replica watch IWC Pilot

The brown leather bracelet is made of cow leather, so the quality is good. The bracelet is really soft, so you will feel comfortable when you wear this replica watch IWC Pilot on your wrist. The brown leather bracelet comes with a good brushed deployment clasp. There is a IWC logo engraved on the clasp. Overall, ti is excellent to buy this IWC watch to fit your business suit.

Excellent quality of replica watches IWC Portofino.

Compare to Rolex or Breitling, IWC watches is not quite popular in the market, however, it still plays an important role in the luxury watches market, especially Portofino and Portuguese series. What I prepare for today? Well, it is a replica watches IWC Portofino, which is deserved to introduce as I think. This replica watch IWC Portofino was produce in a big and famous manufacturer, so the quality is guaranteed, importantly, the price is reasonable and affordable.

replica watches

If it is your first time to purchase replica watches, I think you should worry about the quality, actually, there are kinds of quality online, as you don’t know about much of replica watches, it is easy to get a bad quality but spend lots of money. Therefore, you need to do research the information of replica watches online before you decide to buy. Generally, it is trusted to buy replica watch from big manufacturer, because they have technology and best material to produce watches. If you want to buy a replica watches IWC like this one I mentioned in this article and keep your money valuable, please try to buy it from a big manufacturer.

replica watches IWC

The watch case is made of solid 316 stainless steel by brushing and polishing craft, so you can see that the side of the watch case and the bezel are well brushed. The design of the dial is simple and it is in black color. The hour markers and the needles are made of stainless steel. The date window is set at 3 o’clock position and it is with white date font and black background. As the design is simple, it is very suitable for you to wear to attend in a normal occasion, because the style is elegant.

replica watches IWC Portofino

Besides, the bracelet is also made of stainless steel, and it is also the attractive part on this replica watches IWC Portofino, because almost of the clients only want this watch to come with stainless steel bracelet, and they don’t want leather bracelet or nylon bracelet. The necessary information are well engraved on the watch caseback, and you can feel its depth by touching. Open the buckle, you will also see the logo IWC engraved on the buckle. If the watch is bad quality, the engravings are not good, and it is easy to know.