Some suggestion of big size swiss replica watch Oris.

How are you doing today? Yes, I am going to share another watch to you, my friends! I know that some of you like watch with big size, so I decide to talk about Oris. As we know, the feature of Oris watches is big and thick, which can present how manly you are. Today, I pick a good swiss replica watch Oris to show. It is the best quality which I have even seen among Oris watches so far.

If you are interested in Oris watch, please keep reading the following content, otherwise, ,you may read my previous article of other replica watches.

swiss replica watch

In order to make it perfectly same as the original, the manufacturer spent big money to buy an original Oris watch to know about the details and parts, so this swiss replica watch Oris is almost same as the Original one, and for normal people, they will find that it is a fake watch, therefore, you don’t need to worry whether you are found to wear a swiss replica watch. The diameter of the watch case is 50mm, and the thickness is 22mm.

replica Oris

The 3 crown buttons are screwed down tightly and firmly, and these buttons are safely inserted into the watch case. For two chronograph buttons, you need to loose the screws before you push the buttons, besides, the sapphire crystal glass is also tightly inserted on the watch case and it is thick enough. The black ceramic bezel is locked down in the watch case with 6 screws, so there is no gap existed between the bezel and the watch case, therefore, the replica Oris watch has strong waterproof performance, and you don’t need to worry that the water goes inside the watch when you swim or dive.

Finally, What I am going to talk is the movement. it is equipped with Japanese OS movement, so this replica watch Oris has working chronograph function. There are 3 little dials on the big black dial. Let me tell you what they are. The dial at 9 o’clock position is second hand, the dial at 12 o’clock position is 30 minutes chronograph counter and the dial at 6 o’clock position is hour chronograph counter.

replica watch Oris

How to start the working chronograph? Push the button at 2 o’clock position to make the big white needle run, and push the button at 4 o’clock position to make it return back 12 o’clock position.