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Talking of the best-seller watch in the market this year, I have to say that it is this luxury replica watches Rolex Submariner ( picture attached ), which is the best version. Why I say so? Because the markers on the bezel are in silver color, and the other versions are in white color.

The construction of the bezel is same as the original one, and the markers on the bezel are deeply and well engraved, which makes the watch closed to the original. The glass which is covered on the dial which is made of sapphire crystal. The better part is that the part which connects the watch case and the strap is well improved. In a word, if you want to get a best Rolex Submariner which is not easy to be found that it is a fake watch, this replica watch Rolex Submariner is good for you.

The strap and the watch case are made of solid 316 stainless steel, which are well brushed, and the diameter of the watch case is 40mm. As the whole watch was well made, it has a good waterproof performance, therefore, you don’t need to worry that the water will go into the watch when you wash your hands, take bath or swim in the pool or sea.

There is a pearl on the blue ceramic bezel, which can emit a green light in the dark. The dial is blue, which is exactly matchable with the blue bezel, for me, this replica Rolex watch is really cool and modern. The hour markers consist of dot, triangle and stick.

Don’t worry that it makes you a bad feeling when you hold in on your hand, because the weight of this watch is almost same as the original one. What make this replica Rolex watch better than other Submariner models? It is the biggest effort which the manufacturer made, because they bought an original watch to do research to produce a perfect watch. So each detail on the watch you saw is almost as the original one.

Finally, let me talk about the movement, and the movement of this replica Rolex Submariner watch is the swiss ETA 3135 movement, which is the best movement in the industry. Although this kind of movement makes the watch more expensive, it is worthy, because it guarantees that the watch can work in a perfect condition, and you can keep wearing the watch for a long long time.

replica Rolex watch
replica Rolex Submariner watch